Our centres combine more than 25 years of dental experience and expertise with the latest technological advances, offering maximum quality in all of our treatments.


    Well-aligned teeth improve our smiles, make us feel surer, lessen the risk of tooth decay and reduce possible periodontal problems.



    Titanium devices that substitute the lost tooth root. This allows us to replace as many missing pieces as necessary.



    Dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all diseases affecting the tissues supporting the teeth and implants.



    The teeth have a space that supports al the nerve endings. When these are affected, it is necessary to treat them to ensure long-term health.


    Pediatric Dentistry

    Education concentrating on oral care using hygiene techniques, preventative odontology / dentistry and early diagnosis of bone alternations is vital.


    Cosmetic Dentistry

    An attractive smile helps us feel good. For this reason, dental cosmetic surgery is in ever-more demand.



    Welcome to Zamora Dental Centre

    Our dental centre is ready to remedy any issue related to your mouth and your dental health. For this, we count on a medical team specialised in various areas (orthodontics, periodontic, dental cosmetic surgey, implants, root canal treatments, general and pediatric dentistry etc.) and the latest technological advances:

    Digital X-rays, 3D CT Scanner, Dental Laser, Dental Magnifying Glasses, Intraoral Camera, Digital screens in each consulting room...

    Equipo Zamora Centro Odontológico



    Quality and experience

    Our centres have been in operation for more tha 25 years and in this time our philosophy has not changed. We only work with the best materials and market brands so that we can offer you the quality of care.


    Continual training

    All the members of our professional team receive constant specialised training, allowing us to incorporate the most up-to-date techniques and procedures based on current scientific evidence.


    The latest generation of technology

    We count on the most advanced technology to offer you an exact diagnosis and to carry out the most complex of treatments. For this, we have the latest equipment available - 3D Scanner (CT, Laser, Digital Xray).


    • "I had a phobia of dentists, and my mouth was in a terrible state. I was treated really well and what´s more, It´s now very happy with my mouth and delighted with the team at the clinic."
      JUANA. 62 years of age.
    • "I have two small children and I was a little afraid of taking them to the dentist. Now, they love going, they put on cartoons for them to watch in the surgery and give them prizes at the end. It´s fantastic!"
      MARÍA. 28 years old.
    • "My wife and I both have dentures we have to take out and put in. We heard about Dr. Zamora and he gave us a great sense of confidance and security. What,s more, we were offered and easy-payment plant and we had implants inserted. They are out of this world! We are very content."
      PABLO Y ANA. 82 and 75 years of age.
    • "I came with high expectations. They treated me very well, indeed; the price estimate was clearly laid out and the final result with my treatment has been excellent."
      PEDRO. 35 years old.
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